Rates and information

Prices per night, per room. Full breakfast included

Minimum stay : two nights
Last minute: 1 night : + € 15
Cancellation policy: click BOOK ONLINE and then click 'Cancellation policy'

The Bouquets Room, first floor : € 165

The Rocaille Room, first floor : € 180

The Empire Suite, first floor : € 190

The Peer Gynt Suite, ground floor : € 175


De Corenbloem is non-smoking
Pets are not allowed
This quiet house welcomes children older than 8
Rooms are available from 1 pm. Earlier check-in is possible after mutual agreement.
Could you tell us the estimated time of your arrival.
Checking-out is around 11 h.
You pay during the check-out, by cash or card
TV has been forgotten on purpose,
Wifi all over the house
Parking reservation on request in Parking Biekorf, Naaldenstraat